Sci Phone Dream G2 Contact List or Phonebook transfer and management:

My Sci Phone Dream G2 came with a lot of things like a data cable, extra battery and even a cool piggy back charger but it also came up short in many areas also:

No Driver software to connect it to my XP or Vista computers

No Instructions on how to use it (and the online pdf files that I had to find a zip program to open, where every bit as useless as the card that told me to find and open them) and..

No contact manager or phonebook transfer software!


Then after over 4 hours of searching, I found this post:


Re: How to add contacts and programs

Postby dbs430 » Sun Aug 16, 2009 11:18 am

I got it worked:
By use of viewtopic.php?f=33&t=3230

But at first I could not find the software for it.

I have found a download link:

With the password: cect i9

Why doesn't Sciphone provide such software for its customers?

:close quote

I downloaded the software, unzipped it and opened the one file that seemed appropriate "PhoneSuite.exe".

Now there are things that are going to save you a LOT of time if you pay attention to them:

1) make sure that the software shows "connected" down in the bottom right hand corner of the window, if it says disconnected, then none of the handset features will work.

2) I don't know about the i9 but the Sci Phone Dream G2 can only be uploaded with the first two columns, "contact" and "number" and forget trying to upload multiple numbers or email to the rest of each contact.

3) This software is compatible with outlook and outlook express but not windows mail (that sucks, cost me 2 more hours to find a solution to since you can't install outlook express on vista and I don't use office I use OpenOffice).  So to import contacts into the software, I did this:

a) exported my contacts to something I could read as a spread sheet

b) moved contact names to first column and phone number to the second column.

c) set EVERYTHING INCLUDING NUMBERS as text so that when I saved, everything would have quotes around it.

d) saved as delimited by "tab"

Then on the top of the software window it has a file button.  It's the first of three buttons right under the title at the top "Phone Suite" and they are in the form of pictures not words.

e) made sure the phone showed connected.  clicked phonebook on the left and then clicked on file, import, and then browsed for my csv file.

f) clicked on the new import folder and selected what I wanted and copied, then pasted to the handset folder and watched them roll

Please send me an email from my contact page if I can fix this up in anyway to make it better..