If I Send HMI Secured EMail, is it secure?

Security of email is the same as the old saying, “a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link”.  By connecting securely to Hosting Master Internets' servers, you are assuring that your email is secure in between your computer, laptop or mobile device and our servers.  However, once email leaves our servers and touches the outside world, it is available to anyone with the right tools to view and read and even trap for the content of what you are sending or receiving.  With this in mind, don't use HMI Secured EMail! to send private data to someone not hosted on HMI Secured EMail! system.  For your domain and your domain users, all those on our servers, can securely send messages back and forth without much to worry about. Nothing is perfect, we can not guarantee perfect privacy, but your level of confidence and peace sending in house is much much higher.


The same goes for email received.. Even if the person sending you the message in email is using secure email, once that message leaves his/her server, it is no longer protected from being trapped, filtered or read and should not be considered secure any longer.


What if I need secure email between an associate and myself. No problem, HMI Secured EMail! is unlimited.. You can have as many users, they can send as many emails and the size can be of any size email.. No limit. Create your associate an account or contact Support for free and have an account setup for your associate on HMI Secured EMail! at no extra cost.