Receiving HMI Secured EMail! is a snap. By simply swapping out a few pieces of information on your computer, laptop or mobile device you can receive HMI Secured EMail! *



The Port Number must be change to 995: For regular email, your normal POP3 port number would be 110.  But now, you must use "PORT #995" as in connection security type SSL/TLS.  So change your connection security type to SSL/TLS and then check your port number and if it hasn't already changed, change it to 995.


Authentication is still required for POP3: Please use your "full email address" as your user name, and select send normal password.


The POP3 server address is different, see below: Incoming pop3/imap email server WAS “” but to use HMI Secured EMail!, you must enter the server's main domain name with www to reference our SSL certificate.

Which domain do you use? Depends on which server your website is on.

Old Server:

New Server:

3rd Server:


Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes, Test your receiving of email, and when asked, be sure to accept the certificate saving your exception permanently. (note: if you do not see the request to save the certificate exception, you probably have not enter the correct main IP address, and your email will not come in.  Test receiving first before trying the other main IP). Email security is only as good as the settings of the equipment sending and receiving it and the connection in-between*


* See “If I Receive HMI Secured EMail!, is it secure?”