Sending HMI Secured EMail! is a snap. By simply swapping out a few pieces of information on your computer, laptop or mobile device you can send HMI Secured EMail! *



The SMTP server address has changed: SMTP server must be set to the server's main IP address. If on the old server use, if on the new server use

You must enter the server's main IP address to reference our self-signed certificate.


The Port Number must be changed: Change your security type to SSL/TLS and then check your port number and if it hasn't already changed, change it to 465.

Authentication method is now required for SMTP: Please set "authentication method" to normal password (using the same settings for sending as receiving).


Please use your "full email address" as your user name.


Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes, Test your sending of email, and when asked, be sure to accept the certificate saving your exception permanently. (note: if you do not see the request to save the certificate exception, you probably have not enter the correct main IP address, and your email will not send out.  Test sending first before trying the other main IP)


* See “If I Send HMI Secured EMail!, is it secure?”