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Don't wait on hold for your emergency questions, Hosting Master Internet is here for you personally. We are here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in person, please contact us at anytime day or night for your hosting/email emergency.  Call 602-413-6197

For your regular hosting/email questions, please contact us between 8am and 10pm Phoenix time.


Hosting Master Internet Presents (for our clients only) HMI Secured EMail!

HMI Secured EMail allows you to send and receive email within our system securely between HMI Secured EMail! users.  HMI Secured EMail also allows you to bypass many of the security limitations put on by other Internet Providers. *


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* Some companies believe that most spam and viruses are generated on port 25.  HMI also provides port 9925 as a bypass port for companies like Cox & Century Link.  However, HMI Secured EMail is welcomed in as a friend and quickly passes to the intended recipient with less resistance.  Please remember, your account will be terminated if you spam using our servers.