Why Hosting Master Internet is your first and best decision as your web host (“Website Home”):

Full Service Web Hosting:

Do you remember the good old days, when the handsome gas station attendant would come out to the pump, greet you by name, and ask that infamous question “Fill’er up today?”. WE DO! And chivalry is NOT dead at Hosting Master Internet. We care about our clients and believe, even though we are still a small company, we exist because you like our service and support. And trust me, there are plenty of cheap Hosts, but after their Nickle & Dime’ing and lake of just a friend on the other end, we WILL make a difference for you!

Full Service Web Design:

Our Senior Graphics Designer, Jesse Zuniga, Asks the right questions BEFORE starting any project. Jesse believes that what the customer wants is his primary objective but also will always suggest different if it’s to our customer’s benefit, however, the client is always right.

Full Service Graphics:

We know that Graphic Design is an important part of your Website, Business Cards, Fliers, Wraps and even graphic window coverings. Our Senior Graphics Designer, Jesse Zuniga, not only knows the difference between print and web graphics, but also has that eye and touch unmatched anywhere else. Years ago, he was asked for a flier that would conquering the no soliciting signs. In 15 minutes, he had for me a flier that as I walked through a door and the receptionist was midstream saying “no soliciting”, would change to “let me see that”. Let Jesse work his God given gift for you!

Full Service Domain Registration:

Full Service Blog Setups:

Full Service Web Site transfers:

Standard FTP content (standard site) $75
Standard FTP content & migration of database (via mysqladmin) $95
Move small $75, Large $175, Word Press Site, pictures, posts and comments (no template, no plugins, no fixes)
Additional Labor at $95 per hour (discounts available, just ask)

Full Service SEO:

Full Service Printing Services:

Free Standard SSL:

In order to rank with Google Search, your website MUST come up with a secure SSL connection, just like the banks do. Other companies like Go Daddy, charge additional fees (Go Daddy for instance charges $70 yearly for Standard SSL certificate and secure hosting layer) where as our hosting price, (from the cheapest plan to the most expensive), includes standard secure certificate & hosting layer as Google requires, at no additional charge. To use our secure hosting and certificate, your web developer just needs to make sure all code/content is in compliance, and our servers do the rest automatically. You do NOT need a private IP or other (nickle and dime “stupid”) expenses with our service.

CPU Throttling, NOT here:

Other web hosting companies use “CPU throttling” to help their bottom line, not yours. Let’s say, you have a website and WANT traffic to your site. You have invested in SEO and /or advertising on radio or TV. Imagine all the traffic your going to get and all those great sales to pay for that advertising, but THEN your site starts coming up slow or timing out??? Oh this is painful! You have a site, you’ve advertised and the host is limiting your use of their CPU resources.. Who cares if they are cheaper if your site is limited on how many clients can see it! And should you need a dedicated server, we can offer that plus; Currently HMI runs a max at 12% (88% CPU room to spare!) and has NO CPU throttling what-so-ever! Bring it on with HMI, and when you run ads, keep us in the loop so we can keep an extra eye out for you, because when you succeed, you help others succeed by telling them about HMI!

Cheap Hosting Available (not cheappy done):

Our Hippo Loco $10 a month hosting (No Email Account) beats ALL the cheap hosts with 500K Hits limit!! Go Daddy includes 100K Hits at their $7 plan, 300K at their $15 plan and they STILL DO NOT include SSL without an additional $70 yearly fee. Just google looking through your site or a designer working on it, can wipe out 100K hits. 30 days, 100K hits? Just think, 3.34K Hits a day and most visitors click through several pages per visit, 100K isn’t enough! 300K might not even be enough, but how will you know? Go with HMI at 500K and not worry about the small limits.

Business Email W/O website Hosting:

Email hosting without a website IS available for those that need business email but have not planned their website out just yet. Email Only comes with all the email perks as listed below HOWEVER it’s cost is $12 per month for the FIRST email address and $1 per email address up to $20 a month, at which time the package is changed to the Standard Business Package since it would be cheaper in cost.

Standard Business Package With Email:

Our HMI hosting package is loaded with features, not surprises. Here is a bullet list of the great features you can expect with your Hosting Master Internet business account.

Standard SSL Certificate included!

Standard Certificates use to cost over a hundred dollars and required static IP addresses to support them. Cpanel provides our Certificates without charge, just as they do for Go Daddy however, we do not charge you for this service, at least as long as they are free to us.

Secure Hosting Layer is our standard service!

Secure Hosting Layer is a ballet of technology, to which we hold no claim to it’s creation or design however, this service provides a protection for your clients to give and take information securely without having other eavesdrop on their conversation with your website at HMI. To this we say this ballet is beautiful!

10 email accounts, ($1 a month for additional email accounts)

Most clients need at least one email account for a business website. Without any email, we are able to offer service for only $10 a month. With email, we have to provide all email service from one to infinite, as a result, we give you up to 10 emails at no extra charge. And for companies with multiple employees or just the need for multiple email addresses (for sending email) we offer additional accounts for only a $1 a month more! And if you receiving email is important, not sending, then unlimited forwards are awesome.

Unlimited email forwards!

Setup as many receiving emails as you like and have them all feed conveniently to one or MORE email addresses. bobb@yourdomain.com could be your address with sales@yourdomain.com sending it’s mail to bobb@yourdomain.com

Standard Spam filtering (if wanted) at no extra charge!

Spam Assassin, the leading control panel email filter service is right here and without extra charge! Just like our Secure Certificates, we have no cost to us, so we add no cost to you, and manage adding them in at no extra charge either!

OpenSRS email filtering for Serious SPAM problems at $1.50 per email account.

In the memory of the great MxLogic & McAfee SAAS Email filtering, OpenSRS is the Power House Email Security that tears up the crap email when there is just to much of it.

Free Custom WordPress script install

Most Hosting company now include a push button WordPress install, free.. We go a step further in security, rather than a one button install, we copy your script in by hand, change the table addresses and use strong (20 character and longer) passwords. A custom install adds two benefits over the other guys. 1) You CAN install a WordPress backup and it WILL work without the push button blues. 2) Our install is more secure because we use more secure codes/passwords in the install process.

Free use of our DIVI License

DIVI is an incredible WordPress template/script, allowing the site builder the ability to customize the template and page content in a way not inherent in WordPress. Basically, you could say, it’s WordPress with muscle. Check out this video on DIVI here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ya2tUReBu3M

Free remote email setup if desired.

Whether you have a Windows PC or a Mac, setting up email is a snap. Through remote control software, we are able to setup your email account on your computer while you watch. No need to read online documentation nor tutorials, just follow a few simple steps as instructed to give us access to your computer and we do the rest while you watch.

DKIM, PTR and branded SPF all included with our Full service hosting ($20 a month and above).

These services, included with our email, identifies you as the sender of your email, that is, with companies using this technology to verify sender. Let’s say you DID NOT send that email and the recipient’s server asks our server if it’s valid, we are able to confirm it as not and the spam then is safely done away with. This helps reduce your receiving nasty email complaints for email you didn’t send, and reduces some of the spam you receive, especial those spams claiming to have come from you, are cleared away. And anything that can be done to safely toss out spam is a good thing.

If the concept of security behind your site, hasn’t made it home with you yet. Consider the following, we us an unmodified version of Cpanel, allowing us to quickly update all security release updates. We do not use a split database/hosting server, that we believe would create a security hole, by allowing outside connections from one server to another for database requests. Our Databases DO NOT allow outside requests.

Our equipment, is NOT in China, we are located on the top floor of Cogent communications, a top tier Internet provider here in Phoenix. We have RAID 6 (with spare!) for our main array and Raid 1 for our backup array. We have visual monitoring through iDrac, a Commercial Dell product and use the latest in Virtualization Technologies. We have invested in our Equipment as you would in your family, with plans on growth and Strength. Come join the family at HMI.