Zelle is an amazing new service started about 4 years ago. The idea of Zelle is to pass money to a person you know like handing them cash but using their email address or phone number for the transfer. HMI receives payments via Zelle and Zelle is used by Millions for simple things like, paying half a pizza. But Zelle also holds key to an easy access scam requiring only a few keys.

Key 1) Zelle is already integrated in to MOST banks and credit unions ALL OVER THE WORLD. And yet MOST PEOPLE have no idea what Zelle is, how it’s used or how to defend their Zelle connection from fraud! I hope to change this by your sharing my post with a friend and family, and by your becoming familiar with the Zelle service. As I said, great service but you need to know about it so as not to get scammed through it.

Key 2) Zelle requires very little to set it up, and assumes YOU the account owner, is the one setting your Zelle up on your bank account. But if you do not know Zelle, what stops a scammer from setting up your Zelle for their use? Please see: “PIN code Hi-Jacking”. If someone calls you, asks you to verify who you are by giving them a code text to your phone, don’t do it!

Key 3) They need your account number (check number or card number) and phone number associated with your account (to send the pin to). Getting this info is not as hard as you think. I rented a movie at Redbox (something I use to do a lot and still do on occasion). This day I was in a hurry and I missed the skimmer attached to the card reader. Within the hour, here I am at home in Arizona and I had just purchased $200 in gas in California! While on the phone with PayPal Debit fraud, the representative said oh look you just bought another $200 in gas in California, joking he said, don’t think you made that purchase… PayPal debit, good people, credited my account those $400 and then took care of the investigation and correction, I was never out the money. Like I said, getting your account number is a lot easier than you think.

So how-to stop this kind of Zelle theft? Become familiar with Zelle, it’s a good service but if you are unaware of how it works, it becomes a risk rather than a help to you. Also, Never give a caller, doesn’t matter who they claim to be, a code that has been text to you over your phone. If you give out that number, you’ve handed them your bank account! Ask who they are, what department they work in, then hang up, call the phone number on the back of your bank card and ask for them, in their department.

How important is this? Why do you need to share this with friends and family? Zelle transfers are expected to be done between two friends. If money is sent via Zelle, and is accepted, it can not be taken back, period! So if your account is hacked, by this Zelle Quick Account Draining method, that money can easily go to a foreign country and never be reclaimed, gone, lost to thieves forever.