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Hosting Master Internet offers a full line of Web Hosting and Internet Creativity solutions to businesses.

At Hosting Master Internet, offers an Advantage Web Hosting which has everything your business, club, organization could possibly want.

24 hour customer support via:

phone  602.413.6197

email, IM and Text Message!


Truly Unlimited Space Hosting*

*Whether you're new to the web and only need a page or you're an artist in need of Gigs of space, our only rule on space is that what you have on your site is viewable to everyone and that you don't use the space for backing up or storing files not web ready and part of your site.


Truly Unlimited Email Accounts*

*Don't need email, no problem, need a hundred accounts, forwards, group lists, send large files again no problem! Our only requirement is that your account not be used for sending SPAM and anyone you or you have us asign an address to, you are responsible for their actions. Truly private, unlimited email.


Options on receiving email include:


A) Use your favorite email Client

program like Outlook and Thunderbird

B) Use our web based email system

C) Automatic Email Forwarding

D) Group Lists for multiple recipients


Web Site Statistics (cost $25 extra ELSEWHERE, Included Here!)


A) Statistic run every night

B) If you have SSL, you have SSL stats also

C) Traffic report is also available (no charge)

D) Statistics are viewable anywhere in the world online!

E) Emailed report delivery is configurable


Web Site Hosting Control Panel


A) Add or change your own email addresses (or we do it for you free!)

B) Set limits on your users

C) change passwords on email and hosting with a click of a button

D) Built in File Manager for quick changes without an FTP client.


Data Base Server


A) Websites come Database Ready

B) Database service includes MySQLAdmin to view and make setting changes


Email Mailing Lists System


A) System allows users to add themselves and be removed

B) Allows groups to keep in contact with single email or daily journal