WARNING!  Several registries have raised their rates again!  Prices go up Jan 1st!  Renew NOW TO AVOID INCREASES!  Multi year renewals, guaranty you won’t pay the higher rates in the future.

HOLIDAY SPECIAL! For Current Customers ONLY!
Renew 2 domain (or more), at posted price, for 5 years and get $10 off, EACH domain!
Renew 5 domain (or more), at posted price, for 5 years and get $20 off, EACH domain!

(For new customers, register/transfer your domains to HMI for 1 year, then renew)

Special ends 12/31/2019 at midnight, You must have made purchase prior.

Hosting Master Internet is your first
and best decision.

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listing of services.)

Free Standard SSL: In order to rank
with Google Search, your website MUST come up with a secure SSL
connection, just like the banks do.

CPU Throttling, NOT here: Other web
hosting companies use “CPU throttling” to help their bottom line,
not yours.

Cheap Hosting Available (not cheappy
done): Our Hippo Loco $10 a month hosting (No Email Account) beats
ALL the cheap hosts with 500K Hits limit!!

Business Email W/O website Hosting: Email Only comes with all the email perks as listed below HOWEVER it’s cost is $12 per month for the FIRST email address and $1 per email address up to $20 a month.

Standard Business Package With Email:
Our HMI hosting package is loaded with features, not surprises. Here
is a bullet list of the great features you can expect with your
Hosting Master Internet business account.

  • Standard SSL Certificate included!
  • Secure Hosting Layer is our
    standard service!
  • 10 email accounts, ($1 a month for
    additional email accounts).
  • Unlimited email forwards!
  • Standard Spam filtering (if
    wanted) at no extra charge!
  • OpenSRS email filtering for
    Serious SPAM problems at $1.50 per email account.
  • Free Custom WordPress script
  • Free use of our DIVI License.
  • Free remote email setup if
  • DKIM, PTR and branded SPF all
    included with our Full service hosting ($20 a month and above).

If the concept of security behind your
site, hasn’t made it home with you yet. Consider the following, we
us an unmodified version of Cpanel, allowing us to quickly update all
security release updates. We do not use a split database/hosting
server, that we believe would create a security hole, by allowing
outside connections from one server to another for database requests.
Our Databases DO NOT allow outside requests.

Our equipment, is NOT in China, we are
located on the top floor of Cogent communications, a Top Tier
Internet provider here in Phoenix. We have RAID 6 (with spare!) for
our main array and Raid 1 for our backup array. We have visual
monitoring through iDrac, a Commercial Dell product and use the
latest in Virtualization Technologies. We have invested in our
Equipment as you would in your family, with plans on growth and
Strength. Come join the family at HMI.

Click FULL PAGE for a more concise
listing of services.