How do I know:
1)Payment sent to paypal? You do not send payments “to” paypal, you use paypal to make payments and if I had, I would look it up on paypal and easily cancel it.
2)Merchant : PayPal. Paypal is not a merchant!
3)”newest”. No company lists an item as newest, newest is not a descriptor value.
4)24hours to file dispute? Really? 24hours, especially if you have to “wait” for the transaction to show on your bank statement, isn’t even a thing. check your bank statement, FIND THE ITEM THERE, before calling any number. IF IT’S NOT THERE, then it won’t be there and it’s fraud, getting not there, nothing to concern with.
5)fraud ALWAYS wants you to hurry and call so they CAN GET YOU! Don’t call, don’t call, don’t call !!!

Invoice No. 865483/6593-PYP

You sent a payment of 1350.00 USD to Denver Crafted Accessories.

You’ve received an invoice. This charge will appear on your bank statement as payment sent to PayPal* Denver Crafted Accessories.

Merchant          :      PayPal
Order             :     25SF-873811
Order Status       :      Confirmed

Summary of this invoice:-

Item Name        :     Lenovo 2023 Newest ThinkPad E15 Laptop
Sent by           :      Jaw Computers
Invoice No.         :      942348/7283-GK1
Amount           :      $1350.00
Date              :      May 06, 2023

Invoice No. 865483/6593-PYP

Keep this receipt number handy for reference in case you call our customer care for further enquiry. You have 24 hours to file any dispute regarding this transaction.

This is a system generated email, for any concern please reach out to PayPal service team at +1 (810) 666-3259.

For Assistance Call
PayPal Inc. +1 (810) 666-3259.