This was too serious to ignore:
“Chase: Your external bank transfer for $210 to account XXXXXXX6354 has been accepted and will process shortly. If you dont recognize this transaction please report online at ht{brake!}tps://rb.gy/epuu2p”

Why is this txt message so seriously dangerous? First, you can tell it’s not from the bank, the bank does not use short addresses. So what’s the issue? The link gives the attacker ability to infect your machine or your cell phone. Assuming you do your banking online, they then can do a little banking on your behalf, but to THEIR interests, like drain your account.

What else: Once you get that straitened out, they could remain and attack your friends from your phone. Attack facebook if you do facebook from your phone. Use your phone to spy or even take pictures of you.

I repeat again, never click links! If the bank sends a message, call the number on the back of your card for info, don’t call the number in the message and do not ever click a link in a message (email nor in a text message)!

Like I said, this was too serious to ignore.