What digital security experts wish you knew about data privacy
Keep iPhone or Android phone apps from spilling your data with these seven tips.
ON cnet’s web site…

Great Article BUT: A few tweaks from Hosting Master Internet…

1. Strong Password as they describe is essential, not good practice or optional. However, when they say password manager again we have the question of (regarding the manager itself) a) are they legit, b) could they be spying on your data or selling your passwords. c. and adding more software does not mean more secure.

2. VPN and public WiFi, bad idea. VPN like you have (or should have if using VPN) point to point uses, 1) encrypted key, 2) expected IP and 3) mac finger print… It will not get hacked, not directly that is. But single side VPN (as described by this article) can be hacked, does not have expected IP as the IP changes, encryption yes, but not stored mac fingerprint. It is better to use cell data in public places than free or even paid WiFi. I always use my cell data. WHY is public WiFi dangerous? When you are on a public or free WiFi, you and everyone else shares the same local network, there is no firewall protection and all your data is clearly visible across the connection including the security keys for SSL networks, you are not secure at all and if there is a person with sniffing software, they see everyone’s data going through the connection.

3. 4. Be mindful of app permissions, yes, and battery usage is a good flag of a problem also HOWEVER the better practice is, if you do not have to have it, don’t install it period. Example, bunches of people downloaded flashlight apps, free flash light using the camera light, most of those where spyware (if not all of them). I know people who download bibles, I have electronic bibles, but only what I need and apps I investigated well before buying them. Things like; is the project active or abandoned, abandoned is bad. Just because an app costs something doesn’t make it good either. I had a client that paid $700 for a web-script that turned out to be a hacker site in a box, he was screwed out of $700 thinking he paid for it, it must be good. And every app installed means more possible holes to exploit. See 7 on reviews is important in evaluating an app.

5. Social media and avoiding it, people put way to much data out there! Example, I want a credit card in your name, and your birthday is there, I have another clue to steal your identity. Stealing home/land titles believe it or not is a thing to watch out for. Social media is a sewer of information for attacks like this and attacks on property are seriously hard to fix to a point of huge potential lose of home and property! This one, everyone should look up online and be seriously worried about so it does not happen to them.

6. No argument! The point here is, as exploits are developed, and the software changes, those exploits may be damaged in the process or purposely closed, either way updates are better done as soon as possible.

7. Is right on, I ALWAYS click to see the negative reviews and I ALWAYS look for positive reviews that look like someone wrote something that seems the same review to review or just seems like it’s not a real review as a warning sign. Another good practice is read the reviews and wait a day before downloading, this way you can take a fresh perspective of what the reviewers wrote over the excitement of downloading that perfect (maybe not so perfect) new app.



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