Be sure to factory reset your Roku enabled TV BEFORE selling it or giving it away to family or friend!

Remember when you setup your Roku enabled TV, one of the questions was a rather pushing request for adding your debit or credit card so that you could buy programming, TV shows and movies just with a click of a button. The problem is, if you give that TV away, it still has your card number saved and ready to use with a click of a button and the person who receives it, may not even realize they are causing you an expense.

Simple Solution! Every Roku enable TV has a factory Reset, look online for the instructions or open the menu and it’s pretty easy to find. Select FULL factory reset to erase channels, media you enjoyed and of course, that credit card info goes away also. There IS an added advantage, if you do a full factory reset, all the 15 day and 30 day trials come back and the TV may even function faster (back to like new condition, aside from protecting you from unauthorized charges).

You will know that you’ve done it correctly when the TV offers you the choice of “for home use” or “Store Display or store use”. The “Store Display” let’s the TV advertise it’s features and functions like you see it in the store, a little advertising is fun, select this and just factory reset it later to set it up normally. To set it up normally, selecting “home use” puts you in for all those questions and let’s you do a fresh channel scan, which your recipient can do themselves..

Hope I helped someone dodge the bullet on that one… please let me know below if I did.