Underhanded attempt to gain access to your paypal account information or access to your computer!

The email says this:



Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing PayPal for your purchase.
We have received your order payment request which you recently placed on Apple.com

Details of your order are confirmed here. If you have any questions regarding your order, please contact (24×7) billing team at 1 (808) 444 4814

Order Number : H4143C07T725927X21Q



Unit Price

Apple AirPods Pro



Sub Total


Shipping And Handling


Total Debit


I called it just to see what they where up to…

First, he tried to get my name but I wouldn’t give it. I asked about what this was, he explained and asked what I wanted to change. I said it’s not mine, so he asked, then it’s fraud? I replied, I’d say so, it’s not mine.

So he then explained that PayPal will not ever call you (which is wrong, they WILL call you if they detect fraud BUT they are clear to explain who they are and verify who they are PLUS they will not ask you to verify who you are, simply to notify you, so he is wrong). He then told me to open chrome and enter this web address to connect with their investigative team. At this point I thanked him and hung up.

Did I try the web address, no, I do not wish to infect my computer but either they want me to give them personal information or gain access to my computer and niether one is good for my finances lol.

So if you get an email like this one, best choice is delete it. It’s addressed to PayPal customer, paypal always uses your full name. The paypal logo is wrong, sure give-away on that one! It’s for a transaction I did not make, if I had a question about it, it’s easy to log in to my paypal account and check it. Or if you are really unsure, just call PayPal from the number on the back of your card or by logging in to your paypal account and clicking on contact us.

Don’t be scammed!