Fake cleaning company asks for a chance to bid your cleaning. If you are looking for cleaning, you would give them your address, company name, you know so they can come by and give you a FREE quote on cleaning.  “So they can clean your office’s bank account!”
Problem is: They are physhing, wanting your details so they can scam you, as they have a differnet idea of cleaning your office.
So how did I catch this one? First off, they got me, I thought it was a ligit request and I’ve gotten several and so I just got so angry I called to threaten them to stop spamming however; When I called the number, the person that answers explained that he was not connected and they had used his number in the ad, he said “they must have typed it wrong”. NOOO, no mistake, they just abused him with that number (his number) to look more ligit… WHY? because if you look up his number, no spam association. But clues to a scam include coming from a gmail email address, real companies do not use public email for business comunications (if they do, don’t buy from them).  

Their Message to me was:

Hi Barry,

We’d like to visit your office and conduct a site survey so we could give you a free cleaning quote. Do you have a slot in your schedule for it? or can you suggest the best point of contact please.


Elma Salas,
Janitorial Specialist
OPS CLEANING 480-406-8108
Mesa, AZ USA /Phoenix/Scottsdale/Tucson