HMI accumulated a great deal of followers and friends when we started posting Scams and how-to avoid them on our Hosting Master Internet FaceBook page. As a result, we’ve decided to start a blog on our website with the idea that maybe we can help a few people avoid getting scammed. In hosting, like any other business, there are honest (kinda) scams affecting good business owners just trying to get “a good deal”. Unfortunately, not everyone plays the game on the same playing field with the same bat and ball.

Example: The other day, I decided to buy some propane gas, I had 3x 3Gal tanks, those like you have for a Barbecue. I called around for the best price in town I could find, and I found $3.79 gal, $3.49 gal and $3.04 a gal. Now obviously, I decided to go with the $3.04 as it was the cheapest of the three. However, the first 3gal tank the young man filled, took 4.5 Gallons! He had the vent turned wide open with propane spraying out of it and, he was the one that hit the stop, even though the machine, if it had been done correctly, would have stopped automatically at 3 gallons as it does else where that I buy propane gas. I needed gas in a second tank and told him to put only 2 gallons and still I saw a lot of loss spray out of that one also. I paid $19.76 for 6.5 gallons on one tank full and the other half full. Not what I expected…

Other hosting companies serve their clients this same way. Some companies have CPU throttling, meaning, when your website begins to get busy, their system LIMITS how much CPU can be used by your website. The result; Your site success is rewarded by coming up slowly or even not at all. Let’s say you just put a lot of work into SEO or paid for SEO or even Google ad-sense, now your website comes up slow or fails to connect. With Hosting Master Internet, ALL CLIENT websites are full CPU access allowing for big advertising and no slow downs. On a busy day, our CPU usage tops out at 12% (and normally runs as low as 3%) meaning, when you website gets that big break (with traffic), your website isn’t going to break!

Other companies offer that “GREAT LOW RATE” but fail to tell you about the things you need, that their service doesn’t come with, like SSL. SSL is what banks use for your security when connecting to their website and SSL is also required now by Google to get decent ranking. Even if the company provides SSL, doesn’t mean that your website will force SSL and the SSL service would be useless. At HMI we include SSL in our service price ($10 month no email, $12 a month for up to 10 Emails ONLY and $20 month Hosting with up to 10 email accounts) and all include SSL security (AND HTACCESS FORCED SSL USAGE, so that it’s not useless.)

So they may charge less up front, but it’s an honest scam right?

Please post comments, including stories of your getting scammed or how you stopped a scam from happening. Basically anything that will help others avoid a loss and please be clear with details (excluding things like your name, address, card numbers, email – stuff you do not want posted on the web, do not include please.)