If you own a domain, and you get this notice, DO NOT PAY IT!  If you are unsure, call your registry company!  If your not sure who your registry company is, then YOU REALLY NEED TO move your domain to Hosting Master Internet and call us at 602-413-6197 for help Now!  But how do I know this is a scam?

1) It’s not in the name of your registry company.  (This notice didn’t come from us lol)
2) Put your mouse over the link, DO NOT CLICK!  The link doesn’t doesn’t show your registry company!
3) Service suspended in three days?  Our service sends 90 day, 60 day, 30 day, and finally we call if you haven’t renewed already. No last minute BS notice.
Most certainly a scam!


This alert is to inform you that your domain invoice number 4e156e74f89245f8beee2320f2fb19d4 is OVERDUE. DMWREALTY.PRO.COM due for renewal 02/14/2022 is SUSPENDED. Please make payment AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to avoid any TERMINATION of service to DMWREALTY.PRO

Please note that if no payment is made in the next 3 working days, your data will be purged and deleted.

TO RENEW DMWREALTY.PRO (Expires on 02/14/2022):


The registration currently listed is Doris Mitchell-Woods.

Disclaimer notice: We can not be held legally accountable for any claims, damages or loss that you may incur owing to the suspension of DMWREALTY.PRO. Any such damages may potentially include but are not exclusively limited to: monetary losses, deleted data without backup copies, loss of results in search rankings, lost appointments, undeliverable electronic mail and any other technical, business or service damages that you might incur. For more reference please refer section 10.a.1.c of our TOS

This is the final notice that we are required to send out with regards to the expiration of DMWREALTY.PRO.

==> https://webedomain.ci/?xid=4e156e74f89245f8beee2320f2fb19d4 <==

Expiry: February-2022

All web services will be restored automatically on DMWREALTY.PRO upon receipt of payment. We thank you for your cooperation and continued business.

Notice sent on 02/14/2022